Cimarron Lang Bears – Cimarron Bear Collection Teddy Bear, History, Information

Cimarron Lang is a teddy bear artist from Wellington, New Zealand and makes bears under the name Cimarron Bear Collection. All of her bears are handmade, original designs. The most common size is 16 inches but they can range from 6 inches to 35 inches. Typical Cimarron Lang bears are made of mohair, have traditional glass eyes, wooden joints, felt pads, embroidered noses, with a hump on its back. Most are filled with wool flock or pellets and dressed in historical costumes. She has created a number of character bears and also produced a number of teddy bear scenes including “The Painters and Decorators”.

One of Cimarron Lang more popular bears is the award winning “Captain Cook,” which is a fully dressed bear, holding a map and standing in front of the New Zealand flag.

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