Deborah Sargentson Bears – Nostalgia Teddy Bear, History, Information

Deborah Sargentson started making teddy bears in 1993 after leaving her job as a Human Resource Manager. The bears are dressed in old fashioned clothing she makes herself. She entered her first teddy bear competition at the Malvern Teddy and Doll show in Australia, and won several awards. Besides standard editions, Deborah also makes a limited number of one of a kinds that usually take over a hundred hours to complete. Nostalgia Bears are known for their antique accessories like fob watches, pipes, genuine gold glasses and much more. One example is “Bear in a Garden” with an antique smock and bow in her hair. She also makes Panda bears and Grizzly bears.

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  1. Jimmy 14 Nov, 2011

    Sorry bears bottoms 🙂

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