Fideston Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

Fideston Toy Factory was the first Australian commercial teddy bear manufacturer and was setup by Richard and Louisa Fiddes in Bunbury, Western Australia. They produced teddy bears and other stuffed toys from 1917 – 1942.

In 1921 Fideston Toy Factory was registered and a factory was established in Perth which mass produced soft toys for stores in Australia. The business grew rapidly and employed 14 members of the family. They made a wide range of toys with teddy bears being the most popular selling over 1,000 a month by 1930.

Typical Features of a Fideston teddy bear include:
Dual mohair plush
Very broad head
Large flat ears
Cone shaped muzzle
Wide forehead
Fully jointed
Humped back
German glass eyes
Wide vertically stitched black nose
Excelsior stuffing
Leather paw pads
Long, tapered arms
Final seam in lower part of torso and between legs

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