Harwin And Co. Bears – Ally Teddy Bear, History, Information

Harwin & Co. was one of the first British teddy bear manufacturers. They started their factory in 1914 at the Eagle Works in Finsbury Park, London, and produced many animals and dolls. The first bears were made in 1915, and at the London Fair in 1916 launched a series of mascot Ally Bears dressed in the uniforms of the allied forces of World War I. The sales manager, Mr. Taylor, used to be a traveling salesman for the German bear manufacturer Steiff, hence the similarities between the bears. Harwin & Co. closed down in 1930, affected by the postwar depression.

Harwin’s Ally bears were the most famous bears they made and are very rare and collectible. One example is Lord Kitchener, who was dressed in the uniform of a World War I British officer. The Ally bear is fully jointed, has black button eyes, gold mohair, felt paw pads and stitched claws.

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