Heidrun Winkler Bears – Drune Baren Teddy Bear, History, Information

Heidrun Winkler is a teddy bear artist from Schwalbach, Germany and makes bears under the name Drune Baren. She has collected teddy bears since she was a child and wanted to make teddy bears once her mother in law started making them. She designed her first pattern in 1992 and has created many shapes including short and long noses, small or big feet, bent or straight legs, all with happy faces. Typical Heidrun Winkler bears are made of English mohair, German cotton plush, alpaca and sometimes synthetic materials. Paws are made of felt, Ultrasuede or leather and the eyes made of glass. She’s also experimenting with growlers, musical boxes and movements. The bears are usually limited editions between five and twenty. Drune Baren can be found in Germany, Europe, Australia and the United States. Two of her more popular bears are “Sunny”, the first bear she ever made and “Kasmir”.

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