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Joy Toys started in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, in the early 1920’s by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kirby. In 1937 the company expanded, gaining the Australian franchise for Walt Disney characters and later opening a factory in New Zealand. They made over 50,000 bears between the early 1920’s and 1960’s, when Cyclops bought the company in 1966. The name Joy Toys is now owned by Toltoys and was last used in 1976. Most of Joy Toys teddy bears were fully jointed, made from English mohair, filled with excelsior and resembled German bears with their slim torsos and limbs. From the 1930’s the bears were more like British bears with most having pointed upturned front paws and were filled with kapok. The nose had two longer outer stitches. Joy Toys bears from the 1950’s were filled with crumbled rubber.

Typical Features Of Joy Toys Bears From The 1920’s – 1930’s
Mohair plush with excelsior stuffing
Nose resembling the Chiltern design

Typical Features Of Joy Toys Bears From The 1930’s
Large nose with a long stitch running up at either end
Short limbs with a large body
Unjointed neck
Curved or pointed paws
Plump thighs and small feet
Straight back
Cotton twill pads
Mohair body
Short muzzle

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