Lesley Mallet Bears – Fred Teddy Bear, History, Information

Lesley Mallet, a teddy bear artist from Richmond Hill, Canada, is very adapt at sewing, picking up those skills from her mother, a professional seamstress. In 1978, she started making craft toys while awaiting the birth of her first child and donating the products to friends, children and charities. She also started collecting bears amassing over 320 of them. In 1992, she started Fred Bears and now makes around 100 bears a year which can be bought at shows and stores in Canada, England and the United States. She also runs teddy bear workshops on how to make bears. She makes each bear herself starting with designing the pattern to brushing out the seams on the completed bear.

Typical Lesley Mallet teddy bears have long legs, cuddly bodies and a few accessories. One such bear is “Barnaby” undressed with just a few accessories, long limbs, body stuffed with pellets, German plush and glass eyes.

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