Lindee Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

Lindee Bears were made in Sydney, N.S.W. from 1944 to 1976. The name came from a pet name that was used for Mr. and Mrs. Lindenberg. They were made of English mohair, both fully jointed and unjointed, with glass eyes and brown vinyl paw pads. They were labeled with a printed cloth tag bearing a reclining fawn, with the words “Lindee Toys the Prestige Name in Soft Toys,” sewn into the seam of the paw pad. Lindee teddy bears have large noses and mouths sewn in black, some with exaggerated black claws. Lindee bears were made until the company went bankrupt in 1976.

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  1. cheree 31 Jul, 2011

    My grandmother use to make Lindee bears for years. She still has two bears that she made and they are 46 years old….

  2. michelle 23 Dec, 2012

    well i have a musical bear it winds in the back and plays waltzing matilda he is yellow and white mohair and a rubber nose he has the lindee lable sewn into seam of his leg he is a large bear i think he is quite old has been well looked after so if you anything at all to enlighten on my bear would be good icant even finda picture of him anywhere

  3. Michelle willadsen 8 Jun, 2016

    Please help me to know if my bear is a one of a kind Michelle

  4. Vicki Curran 19 Apr, 2017

    I have a Lindee Toys white plush lamb with shiny black vinyl hooves and gold bell around its neck. It was a present when I was born in 1967. I haven’t seen one like it. Did Lindee Toys make one of a kind or limited editions?

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