Peacock And Co. Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

Peacock & Co. or Peacock And Sons was established in London in 1953 and produced wooden kindergarten toys and games such as educational maps, puzzle and building and alphabet blocks. They registered as William Peacock and Co. in 1908 and in 1918 changed their name to Peacock and Co. Ltd. Chad Valley bought the company in 1931 and started producing a line of bears under the Peacock label from its factory in Clerkenwell, London at the Harborne works. Peacock bears were discontinued after World War II.

Typical features of Peacock teddy bears include:
black horizontally stitched noses
large cupped ears
large chest
long arms
four stitched claws on foot pads
drumstick legs
red and white printed Peacock label on foot pad

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