Stacy Lee Terry Bears – Bo Teddy Bear, History, Information

Stacy Lee Terry is a teddy bear artist from England making bears under the name Bo Bears. She started making bears in 1988, designing every bear herself, with wild bears being the inspiration for her creations. She usually makes limited edition and one of a kind teddy bears. She has supplied many celebrities with bears like Laura Ashley, Nigel Mansell and H.R.H. Prince Charles. She uses an industrial machine to make the body of the bear and finishes by hand. Typical Stacy Lee Terry bears are usually made of mohair, have glass eyes and hand embroidered noses. Two of her more popular bears are “Winterburn” and “Shortcake”.

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  1. Mary 29 Jan, 2014

    I have one of Ms. Terry’s lovely bears. “Otis” in mint condition with signed tags, #95/100. Looking to sell. Will gladly provide photos upon request.

  2. Margaret Nicholas 7 Mar, 2014

    Hello Mary, would you know if Bo Bears are still in production ? I have several, including Tinker Tailor, Marley, Fitz, Taffy, Captain and smaller bears. I am not looking to buy at present but wondering if I should start passing these on to my younger relatives as I am now in my 70s.

  3. charlotte 18 Sep, 2014

    Hello stacey has stopped making the bears now i love her bears so much If you ever want to sell Tinker Tailor i would love to have him
    please think about it you can email me
    thank you

  4. Lynne 5 Dec, 2014

    Hiya I have a bear…one of the early ones of Stacey’s maybe? Simply labelled hadmade by Stacey Lee Terry..appears to be from the 80’s? Would love to know more about this lovely Bear!! He is cream in colour..with plastic eyes and nose. The whole bear is made of the same fabric..feet pads included..Wondered if anyone could help who is more knowledgeable in bears than me? Many thanks in advance if anyone can.

  5. Julie Maden 18 Dec, 2014


    I have 10 different bears from this artist, all with original labels, I am looking to sell them, if there is anyone interested.

  6. Julie Maden 18 Dec, 2014

    Should have said that I purchased them in the early nineties, and are in grab condition.


  7. Max Nelson 29 Dec, 2014

    Hi Everyone, I have a Harriet Bear dated on foot 1992, her original paper tage is torn but otherwise she is lovely condition. I am making life changes so she is available for sale.

  8. sharon 24 Apr, 2015

    Hello I have a Stacee Lee Original Bear . Two bears hugging each other one brown and the other blonde with brown ears. Made with cellulose fiber and synthetic foam. Can anyone help me with this please. Thank You Sharon

  9. W Donegan 7 Jul, 2015


    I have a Bo Bear design ‘Sugar Beet’ for sale. He is a limited edition of 16/30 and is a lovely little dark brown bear. I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.

    Thank you

    W Donegan

  10. Terry 21 Feb, 2017

    I have an original hand painted poster of bo bears silverstone 96 pasta bear if your interested in making me an offer !

  11. Pam 6 May, 2017

    Hi anyone know where I can get some information on these bears?

  12. Nikki 28 Sep, 2017

    Hi Pam, I’ve collected Stacey’s bears for about 16 years. Happy to share any information. Is there anything specific you would like to know? Beary best wishes, Nikki

  13. Wendy 18 Oct, 2017

    Hi I have two of Stacey’s bears but would be interested in purchasing new ones as a lot of them have such adorable expressions . However not seen a lot for sale but I tend to be a bit hit and miss with looking . I especially like the bigger bears though would consider any Bo Bears .Thanks

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