Stier Bears – Kathleen Wallace Teddy Bear, History, Information

Stier bears are made by Kathleen Wallace from Pennsylvania. She attended her first bear show in 1982 with 50 of her bears that were so popular that they sold out. Kathleen is a seamstress and has made over 1,000 bears, usually large ones with the tallest at 45 inches. She makes limited edition and one of a kind Stier teddy bears which can be found at exhibitions in the United States, Australia, Japan and England.

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  1. Nancy Ellingson 6 Apr, 2013

    I have a wonderful Stier bear that belonged to my daughter before she died. I would consider selling it if you are interested. It is in perfect condition.

  2. Sharon 6 Sep, 2013

    Hi, is your bear still available? Could you email a picture, if it is? thank you, Sharon

  3. Laura Richardson 2 Nov, 2013

    If I sent you a picture of my antique bear would you be able to tell what type of bear he is?
    Kind regards

  4. Michelle Swanson 16 Jul, 2016

    My teenage daughter has one for sale. We are working on putting it up on EBAY… She’s interested in selling it for $200.00. Here is the description: “Randy” by the bear artist Kathleen Wallace of Stier Bears. He’s fully jointed and in excellent condition at 20″. A functioning growler intact with an artist sewn tag and an artist hang tag. Black glass eyes, light taupe and champagne distressed mohair. Copyright 1987, with Kathleen’s signature on his right foot.

  5. Linda Newsom 25 Aug, 2016

    Beautiful bears

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