Strunz Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

Wilhelm Strunz made mohair bears out of Allersberg and Nuremberg, Germany as early as 1914, under the name Wilhelm Strunz Felt Toy Co. in direct competition to Steiff. As early as 1905 he began to copy Steiff teddy bears. One of the first teddy bears Strunz copied was Steiff’s rod jointed Bar 28 PB. They had a bitter legal dispute particularly about the Button-In-Ear trademark and on October 28, 1908, Strunz finally agreed to withdraw the button and instead used a paper tag in the left ear secured with a staple. From 1910 on, the bears were marked with the word “Prasident” (President) in reference to Teddy Roosevelt.

Well known Strunz bears include the German Strunz Tumbling Teddy, 13 inches, 1908, which was an exact copy of Steiff’s arm wound tumbler.

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