Vera And Verena Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

Vera and her daughter Verena are teddy bear artists from Neunkirchen, Germany. Vera starting making and selling bears at small doll fairs after taking a course in bear making in Germany. Verena was badly injured in an accident and since then has been making bears for a living. Along with her daughter, they have made hundreds of bears selling them at fairs and markets and attending competitions. They also sell their bears via their mail order business. Typical Vera and Verena bears are one of a kinds using high quality materials and come dressed in lavish costumes and often with little toys.

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  1. siobhan spelman 11 Apr, 2014

    Hi i just recently purchased a teddy bear and wanted to find the history behind him,he looks like an old bear and so far i think he came from vera and verena bears in neunkirchen, germany he has a number 66539 hes a cute little guy hes wearing a green hat,blue checked shirt and a pair of leaderhosen,he has a tag that says moni bar any info would be appriciated

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