Verna Bears – Teddy Bear, History, Information

The Verna Toy Company or Verna Toys was established in Victoria by Eve Barnett in 1941. In 1948 the company changed hands and started to make teddy bears under the ownership of Arthur Eaton. Bears before the 1960’s were mohair plush and fully jointed, filled with excelsior and traditional in shape. Black felt noses were a common feature of Verna Bears as well as blunt muzzles. From the 1960’s foam rubber was used as filling and bears had plastic safety eyes and vinyl pads. In the 1980’s, embroidered labels were replaced by printed labels.

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  1. Shirley Grant 15 Apr, 2014

    Hi, am looking for a 1960s Verna bear, any idea where i could buy one.

    Thanks. Shirley

  2. Ros. 15 May, 2014

    Hello, I have a Verna bear for sale, not sure of age. Head is not jointed, has felt nose, felt or fabric pads, gold colour,great condition.

  3. Michael 16 Sep, 2014

    Hi Ros, is he still for sale ?

  4. Shirley Grant 15 Dec, 2014

    Hi Ros, would you have a photo of this bear, if it is still for sale? Cheers Shirley

  5. Shirley grant 15 Dec, 2014

    Sorry , email address as below.

  6. David graham 29 Nov, 2017

    Hi out therei have 7 verna teddys from the 70,s all the same styal just different colours.my first one i call white teddy my mum gave me when i was born. So i started collecting them.i was wondering if anyone can tell me where in victoria they were made.i thort Etham.

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